One of Japan's leading rose gardens featuring 1 million blooming
roses representing about 450 species and 12,000 rosebushes.

Since opening in 1974, RSK Rose Garden has built a name for itself as one of Japan's leading rose gardens. Concentric circular beds fill the garden's nearly 30,000 square meters with a sea of roses representing 450 species and 12,000 rosebushes, transforming the garden with a riot of color during the peak blooming seasons in the spring and fall. Its overwhelming beauty is enough to make visitors feel they have wandered off into a rose paradise.


Most roses bloom throughout the four seasons, but the garden employs cultivation and management practices designed to allow visitors to enjoy the most beautiful roses twice each year: from mid May to mid June during the spring, and from mid October to late November during the fall. We spare no effort to ensure visitors' ability to enjoy the most beautiful and fragrant flowers at all times, and we invite you to visit the garden to experience the remarkable results for yourself.


We have also planted a selection of seasonal flowering plants and trees in the rose garden's outer area for visitors' year-round pleasure.

Things to see

Overwhelming beauty of roses

During the peak blooming seasons in the spring and fall, you can walk through the
garden while enjoying the beauty of some 450 species of roses.

Theme gardens

You'll also enjoy a number of special gardens designed to showcase the special appeal of roses, including the Royal Garden, which features roses that are dedicated to, or named for, royalty and celebrities from around the world; the Fragrance Garden, which features roses that are especially aromatic; and the English Garden, which features representative species that British grower David Austin created by hybridizing old and modern roses to augment the shape and fragrance of old roses with the perpetual, multiflorous characteristics of modern varieties.

Japanese flowering plants and trees

You can also enjoy a garden of seasonal flowering plants and trees around the outside perimeter of the rose beds, including such species as Japanese apricot, Christmas rose, cherry, double-flowering cherry, Japanese tree peony, Japanese iris, field and mountain grasses, Japanese wisteria, azalea, dogwood, hydrangea,
and Oga lotus.

Things to do

Seasonal events

The garden holds a variety of monthly events designed to provide visitors with year-round enjoyment.

Flower and seedling shopping

Located adjacent to the rose garden, Hana-Natsukawa Plant and Flower Shop offers a selection of roses, flowering plants and trees, houseplants, and gardening supplies. Since many of the varieties are grown in the rose garden, the store is able to offer them at reasonable prices.

Gardening classroom

Friendly and experienced instructors teach how to create seasonal group plantings. Students get to take their creations home with them after the class. (For more information about class cost, dates, and times, please see our website.)

About 450 species of roses

About 450 species of roses

Relaxing spaces

Relaxing spaces

Hana-Natsukawa  Plant and Flower Shop

Plant and Flower Shop

Dog run (fee applies)

Dog run (fee applies)


1592-1 Natsukawa,
Kita-ku, Okayama-shi,
Okayama Prefecture

Map of RSK Rose Garden



Phone: 086-293-2121
(Japanese Only)

Hours of Operation

Open 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
Admission cut off 4:30 pm



From Dec. to March and July to Sept.


Adults (middle school and up)
: ¥800
Children (daycare, kindergarten,
elementary school)

: ¥400
During July to Sept. and Dec. to March,
adult admission is reduced
to ¥400 and child admission to ¥200.

Notice to Visitors

Pet policy

Pets are not permitted on the rose garden lawn or in the garden itself. Thank you for your understanding.



The garden has a special wheelchair- and stroller-accessible entrance to allow access to the garden without use of stairs. There are also a handicapped restroom and break area located in the center of the garden. The garden is flat, so disabled visitors can enjoy it freely. Wheelchairs are also available for use in the garden. Please see a staff member for more information.
*Since numbers are limited, we may not be able to accommodate all requests for wheelchairs.


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